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ADMER CONSTRUCTION GROUP is a South Florida based General Contractor. Our background comes in the form of residential experience; building custom homes, home remodeling, Bathroom remodeling, home additions and commercial experience; building commercial build outs, multifamily new construction, and tenant improvement projects in class A buildings. We are registered and insured.


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Our Benefits

Easy Financing

ADMER Construction Group caters to a variety of budgets. You do not have to let a smaller budget hold you back from getting what you need or want.

Free, At Home

Give ADMER Construction Group a call today to schedule your free, at-home consultation. We are here to help bring your vision to life. During your consultation, we will discuss your wants and goals for the project, the approximate timeline, design and architectural ideas, budgeting, financing, and any additional details.


Licensed & Insured

ADMER Construction Group is licensed by the state of Florida and insured. Here, we value everyone’s safety and wellbeing.

What we Offer

ADMER Construction Group is here to help you bring your vision to life. Whether a drawing on the back of a napkin or an architect’s professional mockup, we will take your original idea and transform it into a finished product that you will love. We will be here with you every step of the project, from the initial planning stage to the construction stage, until the project is completed to your satisfaction.

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Come and complete your dream custom home project with us. Together, we will design, plan, and select every small detail, including the home’s construction, layout, and finishes. Custom homes are perfect for creating an ideal space that is completely to your liking. We will work together to determine whether a townhome, single-family residence, or other option best suits your wants and needs.

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ADMER Construction Group offers comprehensive Shell construction services that will follow the timeline and remain on budget. We are passionate about introducing something new and interesting that will positively influence the community surrounding the new development and the lives of the people who encounter it.

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Our Services

At Admer Construction Group, LLC, we are dedicated to helping our clients build a space within their budget where their people and businesses will prosper. Our unmatched on-site construction experts’ attention to detail and state-of-the-art engineering will give you a smooth and enjoyable experience!

Why Admer Construction Group, LLC

Admer Construction Group, LLC’s mission is to develop a space where our clients’ people and businesses can prosper. While creating the construction project of your dreams seems like a great end goal, where do you even start? Read more to learn about our design and construction process!

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