The only thing that remains constant in the restaurant and retail sectors is change. Thriving in the face of continuous disruption requires a fusion of careful planning and ambitious ideas. Nobody wants to feel that their hard work and investment have been for nothing.

At Admer Construction Group, LLC, we understand the importance of having a commercial construction or remodeling contractor in South Florida for your project. Whether it’s a retail store or a restaurant, our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service during every phase of design and construction. We believe in giving our clients our undivided attention, ensuring that your South Florida commercial construction or remodeling needs are met with the highest standards. Contact Admer Construction Group, LLC today for a complimentary estimate on your project!

Remodeling Blueprint Plan

Construction Management

The owners of a property can effectively manage the timetable, cost, efficiency, safety, scope, and purpose thanks to the professional service of our construction management team. We work with owners to ensure they get what they need quickly and effectively.

Knowing that professional construction managers offer various services from general contractors is essential when attempting to understand the advantages of construction management. The retail construction project manager can assist you with your project from preconstruction through execution and beyond.

Construction managers are crucial to the success of complex or large-scale projects. Good construction managers apply their strong leadership abilities and experience with various construction techniques so that you don’t have to worry! They make it their responsibility to keep track of the most recent technologies and construction management software.

Navigating the Restaurant Permitting & Inspection Process

A restaurant business license is a permit given out by the government that enables a person or organization to operate a food service business in the area. In South Florida, there are five steps to complete this process:

  1. Contact the Florida Department of Health in Martin County.
  2. Submit a plan review packet.
  3. Submit a completed application for a sanitation certificate.
  4. Scehdule an inspection when construction is complete.
  5. Have a satisfactory inspection. There may be additional fees if your business requires multiple inspections.

Your facility will be ready to operate once you have gained the permit. Keep in mind that construction must be complete before you can schedule an inspections. Partnering with a professional construction and remodeling company will ensure your business is operational quickly.

Restaurant Renovation in South Florida

The extent of the modifications needed distinguishes a restaurant remodel from a renovation. A space undergoes renovation when the interior and exterior are updated without altering the room’s original function.

On the other hand, a remodel entails changing a location’s structure. For instance, remodeling involves significant structural changes, such as converting a bathroom into a kitchen. Remodeling is more involved, typically more expensive, and always necessitates permits. You should consider remodeling your restaurant if your space’s subpar design is impeding with your business.

However, if your goal is to upgrade your restaurant’s design, replace some fixtures, or improve operational efficiency, that constitutes a renovation.

Like homes, businesses such as restaurants occasionally require construction management services. We at Admer Construction Group specialize in repairs and renovations for retail stores and restaurants and can guide you through the processes for your commercial construction.

What to Consider Before Building a New Retail Store or Restaurant?

Before building a new retail store or restaurant, you must consider your finances, the location, and the interior and exterior design.

It would help to read consumer feedback to determine how well the retail construction company manages customers and work processes. This will show how open and accessible the business is to its clients and how happy they are with handling challenges. That’s why you need a company like Admer Construction Group, LLC that will satisfy your needs.

Licensing, bonding, and insurance are important documents a contractor needs. You should request documentation of each from the construction company and confirm that it is current and relevant to the location and service requirements of your particular project.

All aspects of retail construction services and companies should be considered when choosing the best building company.

Retail Restaurant Construction

Restaurant or Retail Store Construction and Remodeling in South Florida

Retailers know the variables that influence sales, including presentation, demographics, message delivery, and price. Numerous of these elements relate to the structure where the product is on display. Marketing teams may need to consider factors like ambiance, accessibility, and product or structure visibility. Construction is frequently necessary to achieve these goals through renovations or new construction.

A project might be design-build as part of the process. All pre- and post-retail construction services are included in design-build construction and handled by the same construction company. Finding the best retail construction service company for the project is essential, regardless of your project goals. It is vital to consider the company’s history. The longer a construction company has operated profitably, the better.

Why Choose Admer Construction Group, LLC?

As a building construction and renovation leader, we have experience working with all kinds of residences and establishments. Restaurants and retail establishments pose challenges for renovation because they frequently operate outside of “regular” business hours. We try to accommodate the business’s schedule to avoid interfering with its busy periods.

Call Admer Construction Group, LLC to arrange your no-obligation, in-home consultation. We can go over your preferences and project objectives, a rough timeline, design, architectural concepts, budgeting, financing, and other pertinent information. We can also provide you with a free estimate. We’re here to support you in realizing your vision.

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