Whether you manage office buildings, office parks, corporate campuses, shopping centers, or retail stores, you must know the importance of commercial maintenance services. When you choose Admer Construction Group, LLC to take care of your commercial property maintenance, we make sure to handle every square foot of your property.

When you are ready to discuss your commercial maintenance needs, you can contact us to request more information and speak with a friendly and helpful representative. From Miami Dade County to Broward County to Fort Lauderdale, we serve all companies in South Florida and surrounding areas. 


Our Commercial Property Maintenance Services

The maintenance of your commercial property is directly proportional to its value. Thus, you must find a dedicated team specializing in a wide range of commercial property maintenance services in South Florida. 

At Admer Construction Group, LLC, our team is capable of handling any problem while performing at a level that exceeds your expectations. We provide commercial property maintenance services and long-term solutions for property upkeep and preservation. 

As your South Florida commercial building maintenance services partner, Admer Construction Group, LLC, offers high-quality services on a 24/7 basis, including:

  • General maintenance (office buildings, shopping malls, industrial parks, retail centers, medical facilities, academic establishments, warehouses, car facilities, research laboratory facilities, agriculture or plant nurseries)
  • Parking lot maintenance
  • Property inspections, which are preventive maintenance to ensure that your property is correctly maintained to your expectations

In addition to these maintenance services, we also provide driveway construction, fence construction, and shell construction. You can take your company to the next level with our design concepts. Contact Admer Construction Group, LLC to learn more about our comprehensive services and maintenance programs. 

Tips for Maintaining Your Commercial Property

Regardless of the business type, size and location, all landlords should follow certain rules to ensure their commercial building remains in great condition. Here are a couple of tips that you should consider for maintaining your commercial property.

#1. Check Everything Periodically

It would be best to consider making inspections once in a while to identify potential damage so you can handle the repairs as soon as possible. By doing so, you can prevent future emergencies that may lead to costly repairs. 

#2. Perform Commercial Routine Maintenance

To ensure that your building is functional, you should seek help from commercial property maintenance companies. They will take care of any of your interior or exterior maintenance needs.

#3. Focus on High-Traffic Areas

Some commercial areas are busier than others, so the floors and walls may require extra attention. Focus on inspections and maintenance in areas with the highest number of people using them. 

#4. Take Care of Any Damage Immediately

If you notice damage around your commercial property, make sure to have it repaired before it gets worse. If you fail to do so, it could cost you more money. Minor damages are often overlooked, but they can lead to more serious issues. In other cases, minor damages may hide something much bigger. 

#5. Check for Mold

It has been proven that mold can seriously damage any building structure. It may even cause rotting wood underneath it, so make sure to keep an eye out for mold. Also, find exactly why mold appears to fix the cause of the problem.

#6. Keep to Code

It is imperative that your entire commercial building is up to code at all times. If you fail to follow your local building codes, you may face severe legal problems. 

Why Choose Admer Construction Group For Commercial Maintenance South Florida?

Commercial maintenance seems like never-ending work, especially for businesses such as office buildings, department stores, or restaurants. When you partner with Admer Construction Group, LLC, our maintenance group has the experience, skills, resources, and tools to provide interior and exterior services for your commercial building.

While it may be easy to find average property maintenance services in South Florida, why should you settle for less? Our experienced professionals ensure that your building’s surfaces and installations will look great, and they will create a safe environment for your customers or employees.

Admer Construction Group, LLC constantly progresses by closely following all industry trends and accommodating all changes. By doing so, our professionals can meet any of your specific requirements or various maintenance scenarios. Our commercial maintenance company services the smallest of commercial properties to the largest shopping malls or retail centers.

Our experts’ attention to detail offers you a smooth and enjoyable experience. Licensed by the state of Florida, Admer Construction Group, LLC is here for your commercial maintenance needs in South Florida! Contact us today! 

FAQs on Commercial Properties Maintenance

Can I get ahead of commercial maintenance before it becomes a problem?

To get ahead of commercial maintenance issues before they turn into problems, you should have your commercial building periodically inspected for potential issues. In addition, it would be in your company’s best interest to apply preventative maintenance. You should conduct an inspection at least once a year.

What types of commercial properties do you manage?

At Admer Construction Group, LLC, we serve the smallest commercial properties to the largest buildings, including office buildings, shopping malls, industrial parks, retail centers, medical facilities, academic establishments, warehouses, car facilities, research laboratory facilities, agriculture, and plant nurseries. 

What other services do you provide?

In addition to commercial maintenance, we offer services such as custom homes, interior design, driveway, fence and shell construction, commercial development, and bathroom remodeling.

What are your response times?

At Admer Construction Group, LLC, we do not set our response times, but we work with our customers to fit our commercial maintenance services around their individual needs.

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