The reputation of your hotel begins and ends with its cleanliness. No amount of sophisticated décor and amenities can change a guest’s mind about your facility if the sanitation of your facility isn’t up to par. 

Admer Construction offers professional hotel cleaning services that are unparalleled. If your facility needs a thorough deep cleaning, you should contact us today. We can ensure that the South Florida sun is bouncing off your walls and floors. Call us today. 

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The Importance of Hotel Maintenance

Like most commercial properties, hotels have an incredibly high volume of traffic. However, because guests spend a significant portion of their time sleeping, bathing, and working in the building, their attention is even more focused on hygienic conditions. 

While a hotel cleaning staff may be up to the daily tasks of vacuuming the rugs and laundering the sheets, the rooms and common areas will need a much more thorough cleaning over time. This is where professional deep cleaning services can come in.

Our commercial cleaning team can come in and revitalize your facility and do the heavy lifting so your regular hotel cleaning staff can focus on their daily maintenance tasks. 

What Is Hotel Deep Cleaning?

This type of cleaning does much more than remove dust and dirt and sanitize bathrooms. Deep commercial cleaning includes the following:

  • Internal and Exterior Window Cleaning
  • Cleaning hard-to-reach areas, like under the bed and behind hotel furniture
  • Shampooing carpets
  • Cleaning baseboards and light fixtures
  • Polishing metal surfaces
  • Polishing wood or tile floors
  • Cleaning drapes
  • Removing soap scum and scaling from the bathroom and common bathroom facilities

This type of regular maintenance cleaning ensures that your hotel will look and smell its best for your guests. 

We Provide Recurring and One-Time Professional Hotel Cleaning Services

As a construction company in South Florida, we are required to turn over properties in pristine condition. Whether we have developed a new building or remodeled an existing one, we have to remove all signs of the work we’ve done. Many contractors hire commercial cleaning services to come in afterward, but we provide our own professional cleaning and maintenance. 

Additionally, we offer our cleaning services to hotels throughout South Florida. Some facilities prefer to contract us for periodic intense cleaning and maintenance. Others bring us in when there is an unforeseen incident, or they are preparing for a big event. Here are a few examples of when your business might hire our hotel cleaning services for a one-time cleaning:

  • Before a major function or event
  • After a major function or event
  • After a natural disaster
  • After an infrastructure accident (i.e., burst pipe, electrical fire, etc.)
  • Prior to showing the facility for sale

A pristine facility demonstrates to your guests that you take their health and well-being seriously. 

Developing a Maintenance Schedule For Your Hotel’s Cleaning

Depending on their purpose, some commercial properties can schedule intensive cleaning one or two times per year. Because hotels are 24-hour facilities, however, we recommend a quarterly schedule. This will ensure that the business is always ready to entertain guests. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hotel Property Cleaning

These are some of the most common questions asked by hoteliers. For your specific questions, contact Admer Construction today. 

Why can’t I just have the regular staff do my spring cleaning?

While intensive periodic cleaning is essential, it’s important for your staff to carry out their normal functions while the deep hotel cleaning is going on. For example, if you want your rooms to be guest ready, your staff will still need to stock the restrooms, change sheets, etc. Deep hotel cleaning services don’t replace the routine services your staff performs. 

Does deep hotel cleaning interfere with operations?

The interference is minimal. By contracting a professional cleaning service, you reduce the amount of time each space is inoperable. We can also work around your scheduling if you provide us with advanced notice. 

Why is a construction company the best option for deep hotel cleaning and maintenance?

Post-construction sites are among the dirtiest places you’ll ever find, but contractors are expected to have their sites clean and ready to show in a short period of time. This makes cleaning a hotel much easier by comparison. Additionally, our trained staff knows how to spot signs that your facilities may require repair or replacement. 

South Florida’s Top Maintenance and Deep Cleaning Company for Hotels

If you don’t have a regular hotel cleaning and maintenance company or you are unsatisfied with your existing service, contact Admer Construction now. We will provide you with a free estimate based on the size of your hotel, the number of rooms, and the services you would like us to provide.

Don’t lose guests or risk bad reviews because your facility is not up to your guests’ standards. Call Admer Construction today!

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