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When you remodel your home, you get to appreciate the beauty of indoor architecture and change the atmosphere of your living space. It is not often that the property you purchase is perfectly up to your standards or expectations. Additionally, homes can fall into disrepair and could be improved when you change key construction aspects. 


These are just some of the many reasons remodeling your home would be a great avenue to take. You don’t have to remodel the entire home. You can simply remodel a bathroom or a kitchen. Another approach is just highlighting special areas in your home that bring out its best. There are several ways you can create a beautiful new environment inside your house.


If you have a home remodeling project in mind, you can discuss your ideas with knowledgeable professionals. Contact ADMER Construction Group with your queries now. 

Minor Ways You Can Remodel Your Home

Instead of remodeling your entire home, consider key details that its inhabitants will appreciate most. Even small remodeling projects could have a massive impact for years to come. 


Bathroom Remodeling

The first thing you look at when you enter the bathroom is the sink and mirror. For that reason, a favorite concept design to embellish is the sink and vanity. You might consider simply replacing the sink with something more modern or up-to-date. You could also change the entire vanity or cabinet for something completely brand new. 


Often the wooden components of an old bathroom cabinet can begin to rot, or the sink simply has stains or becomes discolored. Revamping the sink alone can make a bathroom look far more upscale. Instead of a bathroom cabinet under the sink, you can remove the cabinet and simply install a stand-alone sink for a more elegant design. A look such as this is very popular for guest bathrooms because a slender sink looks inviting, elegant, and is less cluttered in a small half-bathroom. 


You can also consider changing the sink faucet and handles. This can transfer an entire bathroom look and make a statement. The sink faucet should be changed along with the sink rather than separately. A sink should match the look and feel of the faucet, rather than a mismatch. 


You can not only remove your sink, but you can also replace your tub. Changing the shower or bathtub can also transform the entire look of a bathroom. This is often harder to do if the dimensions of the bathroom are too limited. 


You can change some tubs into standup showers or install glass doors. However, not all bathrooms allow these modifications. You will have to check with a professional construction consultant to understand what styles you would be able to install.


Crown Molding Remodeling

Many believe that crown molding is purely decorative. However, it serves a practical purpose, as well. Molding is a type of trim that can be found covering the base of the walls between the flooring and the wall. Sometimes you may discover molding decorating walls about one to two feet from the floor trimming a baseboard. 


On the contrary, crown molding is found at the top of the wall near the ceiling. It helps to cover gaps in walls between the ceiling and the drywall. Crown-moldings give your home a more elegant look with a rich history of culture backing it. 


It is recommended that you pick a thinner crown molding for smaller rooms and thicker ones for larger rooms. The addition of one helps to attract the eye and gives the room a more well-rounded appearance. 


Crown moldings can make the ceiling appear higher and help to cover up messy parts of the wall. There are many crown molding designs to choose from, and they are relatively easy to install. 


Flooring Remodeling

Our floors are one of the first areas of our home to get worn down. Whether it’s carpet, linoleum, or wood, floors always begin to deteriorate n at some point. Regardless, you still get the opportunity to completely transform the entire feel of your home simply by changing the flooring. 


If you are tired of carpets, you can install tile or wood. There are also vinyl planks or even laminate flooring. Both of these look like real wood but are cheaper and waterproof. You can get a new carpet that is hypoallergenic. Some of the newer carpet types are also odor-reducing and help keep your home smelling fresh and allergy-free.


These new carpet styles simply weren’t available in the past. Many people still have old shaggy carpets or simply outdated ones that have many smells woven into them from years of use. You don’t have to be stuck with an old carpet with many stains that you’ve shampooed yearly. 


Try something new. Getting tiles installed will make your home feel cooler, freer, and sleeker. There are a larger variety of tiles than any other flooring type, as there are ceramic tiles, marble tiles, and many more. Changing the flooring of your home will make your home look entirely different.


Kitchen Remodeling

When you have an older house, often the kitchens are completely outdated. You may have a stove and fridge from the 50s or 60s with pastel or neon colors that don’t match any decorations you own. Changing the cabinets in your kitchen can give it an entirely different atmosphere. 


You can brighten up a kitchen or small space by giving it lighter colors or make a kitchen feel more homey or romantic with dark wooden cabinets. You can also update ppliances to help amplify this effect. Make it look more modern with stainless steel or replace them with black appliances to mask its appearance. Having an updated kitchen will make your home feel complete. It feels less pleasant with old creaky cupboards and rusting appliances. 


Learn More About Remodeling

Doing some slight modifications to your home can change everything. Home remodeling can be a mood booster but also can be functional. Call now if you are ready to make a change, and contact the ADMER Construction Group today.

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