If you are thinking about custom home building or home remodeling in South Florida, it is time to contact the professional team at Admer Construction Group, LLC. As a premier general contractor in South Florida, we serve Pembroke Pines, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach County, Boynton Beach, Lucie County, Martin County, and all the surrounding areas within South Florida. 

If you have any home remodeling projects in mind, you can discuss your ideas with knowledgeable professionals. Contact Admer Construction Group, LLC with your queries at any time.


Our Residential Construction And Home Remodeling Services in South Florida

We know that your house is your sanctuary for relaxation and rest. However, most of the time, your home may desperately need a makeover, and you are not sure exactly where to start. Contact our custom home builders when you are ready to transform your residential home into a place where you and your family find comfort and security. Whether you want to start your home building process from scratch or need some home remodeling, we can make your dream home a reality.

From floor plans to bath remodeling to interior design, you can count on Admer Construction Group, LLC to handle your project. You can finally have peace of mind thanks to the best home custom construction and remodeling team in South Florida. 

Home Construction South Florida

Whether you want a fabulous kitchen, an en suite bathroom to turn your master bedroom into a genuine oasis, or a kid-proof playroom, we can give you what you need. Admer Construction Group, LLC is the one-stop custom home builder you need to build and design the perfect home for you and your family. We will incorporate all that you envision into your residential home, whether it’s a custom home or a single home.

If you are ready to start your personalized home plan, schedule an appointment at Admer Construction Group, LLC, and let us show you our custom homes. You will witness how we handle every detail and what amazing results we have achieved through innovation, creativity, and expert craftsmanship. Our professional home builders in South Florida are committed to our client’s vision, providing them with a custom home building that reflects their lifestyle and personality.

Work with our professional architects and interior designers to customize every square foot to your specific requirements. Contact us today to discuss your construction home ideas!

Residential Remodeling South Florida

Even the most luxurious custom homes may need some remodeling or additions. Maybe you have noticed areas within your home that can use a modern touch. Regardless of your home remodeling needs or preferences, we are here to help. Our team will work closely with you through the remodeling process to ensure that you take advantage of our work quality and residential home remodeling services. You may not need to remodel your entire home but only need services such as:

No matter the type of home remodel or home renovation you need, our expert team at Admer Construction Group, LLC will work closely with you to determine your budget and timeline, preferences of a room addition, or any other services you need.

Other Residential Construction Services

Why Choose Admer Construction Group for Residential Construction and Remodeling?

When you contact Admer Construction Group, LLC, our dedicated team will help you build your dream custom home within your budget. We promise to offer a smooth and enjoyable experience while helping you make the best decision about your home construction and home remodeling. 

Forget about the hassle and time-consuming process of working on a construction home. When you work with Admer Construcion Group, LLC, we use the most reliable and trustworthy construction services within your area. 

At Admer Construction Group, LLC, we can build your dream home to your specific requirements and budget. We know that some slight modifications to your home can change everything. Moreover, a home remodeling is a great mood booster, so call us now if you are ready to make a change. 

FAQs on Residental Construction and Home Remodeling in South Florida

When is the best time to remodel my home?

Home remodeling can be done year-round, depending on the project. While interior renovation and remodeling can be completed at any time of the year, some aspects of your remodeling project may be weather dependent. These can include foundation, footing work, or completing a home addition. 

Do I have to worry about any construction or remodeling permits?

No, you won’t have to worry about a thing. At Admer Construction Group, LLC, we will file for all of your construction permits

Can you help with the design phase of my home construction project?

Yes. In fact, our architects and designers will be more than happy to assist you in the home design process. You can use Admer Construction Group, LLC for design, remodeling, construction, and so on.

If I have some general ideas, can you determine which ideas will work best for my home construction or remodeling process?

For us, it is vital to understand our customers’ general design ideas since they know their homes better than anyone else. Once you contact us, we will visit you to learn more about your home construction’s priorities and preferences. We listen to our customers because they can provide significant insights into what home improvements they need. So, whenever we get in touch, do not hesitate to express your ideas for your residential construction or remodeling project.

Are you insured? 

Yes, Admer Construction Group, LLC, is insured. We can also provide our insurance information for any clients wishing to review our documentation. During our first meeting, please ask for proof of insurance, and we will be more than happy to comply.