Living in South Florida sometimes involves a luxury lifestyle. The most important feature of luxury living is a home, so more and more developers are planning new construction condo projects within South Florida. Whether you or your friends are in the market for luxury condos or want to remodel your existing condo, seek help from Admer Construction Group, LLC. We provide all types of residential construction services in Pembroke Pines and South Florida.

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Our Condo Construction Services in South Florida

At Admer Construction Group, LLC, we offer the most high-quality and reliable remodeling and condo construction services in the area. Our services include bathroom remodeling, condo remodeling, interior design, driveways, fence and shell construction, and commercial development. 

We understand how vital it is to get condo construction perfectly done. And whether you are tempted to buy pre-construction condos or new condos, we are here to help you make an informed decision. Our primary goal is your satisfaction; thus, when you work with Admer Construction Group, LLC, we will go above and beyond to address all your condo construction concerns. 

If you are looking to plan your pre-construction condo project in South Florida, give us a call! Whether you want to live in Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Bay Harbor Islands, Coconut Grove, Palm Beach, Coral Gables, or Sunny Isles Beach, our team is ready to consult with you!

From floor plans to interior design, count on Admer Construction Group, LLC, to handle your Miami preconstruction condos. Rest assured that you have finally found the perfect pre-construction and mid-construction residential development condos in South Florida. 

By choosing a condo pre-construction, you can have the modern condo you have always dreamt about. Admer Construction Group, LLC will provide you with condo construction that reflects your personality and lifestyle.

The Benefits of Pre-Construction Luxury Condos in Miami Beach

According to, $14.1 billion in construction started in South Florida in 2021, up from $9.85 billion in 2020. That is much faster than the national growth of 12% in construction. 

There is a luxury building boom happening right now in the area, as most people have concluded that pre-construction condos are among the best investments. If you want to invest in new condos, you can choose pre-construction condos or resale new ones. 

Our team thinks you should customize your ideal home depending on your vision. Once you contact Admer Construction Group, LLC, for a pre-construction custom condo, we will advise you on every decision. You can use existing floor plans as a starting point and work with our top-rated designers and architects to customize every inch of every room to fit your needs and lifestyle. 

You can also choose to work with our creative team to develop a plan for your condo all your own. Our first priority is to ensure excellent customer service and satisfaction for our clients at every step of the planning and building process. Contact us to learn more about our pre-construction condo process and remodeling services!

Why Choose a Preconstruction Condo?

One of the main benefits of pre-construction condos is that they are cheaper than a resale model. Thus, the price you will pay will be less than if you buy a new condo after its construction phase. 

In addition, when you buy a pre-construction condo, you get to choose the floor plans or other finishings, as the condo has not been built yet. This means you will customize your condo construction according to your individual needs, style, or budget. 

At Admer Construction Group, LLC, we are ready to bring your vision to life. Contact us today to see a selection of pre-construction and new development condos. 

Why Choose Admer Construction Group For Condo Construction South Florida?

At Admer Construction Group, LLC, our team is dedicated to helping our customers build a unique space within their budget where their families or businesses will prosper. Our experts’ attention to detail promises to offer you a smooth and enjoyable experience. 

Our team can help you build your dream condo, regardless of its location, layout, amenities, interior finishes, architectural scheme, or pricing. Because of South Florida’s vast real estate market and differences in new construction condos, when you contact us, we promise to assist you in making the best decision about the condo that best fits your needs, requirements, and budget.

Licensed by the state of Florida, Admer Construction Group, LLC is here for your condo construction needs! Additionally, we offer easy financing and free, at-home consultations. Contact us today if you are ready to make a change in your life and want to find your new dream home.

FAQs on Condo Construction 

Why choose to invest in a pre-construction condo when I can buy a condo which is available now?

If you are purchasing a condo at pre-sale, you can leverage your down payment and control 100% of an appreciating asset with an investment of only 20%. Most people purchase pre-construction condos to sell them for a profit even before the construction is completed.

Can I live in the condo while you are remodeling or renovating?

If you want to remodel or renovate your condo, and you are thinking of whether you will stay in your home during the process, the answer is yes. Most often you can stay.

Do all contractors have to be licensed?

Yes, all contracts have to be licensed by either the local jurisdiction or the State of Florida. That depends on whether the local jurisdiction or the state regulates the category.

What other services do you provide?

In addition to condo construction, we offer services such as custom homes, interior design, driveway, fence and shell construction, commercial development, and bathroom remodeling.