Fence Construction South-Florida

There are many great things about fences to peruse when considering aesthetics and functionality. However, there are also many regulations. Some of the many factors that can impact your fencing project also include construction requirements and landscaping.

Whether you’re on a residential or commercial property, you have to be permitted to construct a fence and follow specific guidelines that fit within the regional zoning requirements. To better your chances of having your fencing project completed efficiently and successfully, you can learn better about what to pay attention to.

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How To Prepare for Fence Construction

Once you have decided on the type of fencing you want to install, you have to pay attention to the construction regulations that must be adhered to. This is highly dependent on the area you live in, the type of property you’re on, and the type of landscape you have. 

Zoning Requirements

Every neighborhood has unique zoning requirements that you have to comply with. For example, you would need to know if the location and size of your fence. Some tools can help you determine if it’s appropriate for your zone district. According to the Pembroke Pines zoning code, you will have to review all of the fence installation aspects, including tree removal, location, and installation. 

Sewer Line Locations

 In a lot of cases, when you are planning to install a fence anywhere in or around a sewer line, you may have to replace the old one. That is if your fence is going to disturb the current sewer line that you have installed. 

You will need to get a permit so that you don’t accidentally disturb the sewage lines. Replacing sewer lines with the correct materials can be tricky. A professional construction team can help you collaborate with a plumbing contractor to identify where sewer lines are located and what needs to be replaced on the property.

Avoiding Parkways

When you are anywhere near a parkway of any kind, you have to keep your fencing a certain distance away from them. Additionally, signs and structures related to the parkway can’t be obscured by the fencing. Any designated parkway has to be treated this way. 

You can check with Pembroke Pine city authorities to be sure that you’re not encroaching on a parkway with your fencing installation. A construction company can help you with this information as well, as they are knowledgeable about the geography of the area. 


You can never build over an existing utility of any kind. This means that if you discover there is a utility of some kind under your property, you will not have the opportunity to build a fence. Before beginning your fence construction project, find out more information about how to discover if there is a utility located nearby.

Building Code Rules

Your building has to meet the minimum public safety measures to be able to install fencing. The building must be safe for residents and visitors once you begin the construction of the fence. Otherwise, you will never be permitted to build the fence at all.

Historic Landmarks

If you happen to be changing the appearance of a landmark, it may become problematic. For example, anything that has been historically protected for years may be untouchable. You have to be sure that you get permission or make sure your fencing doesn’t overstep these boundaries. 

Permit Requirements for Fencing in Pembroke Pines

The dimensions of fencing material must include the following:

  • Fences cannot exceed 6 feet in height 
  • The lumber has to be made of #2 grade or better. 
  • Fasteners on the wood fencing have to be corrosion resistant. 
  • All fencing posts have to be embedded 2’0” into a concrete footing. 
  • The concrete footing must be 10” in diameter and 2’0” deep. 

For metallic fencing gates, they must have the following requirements:

  • Chain link fences must be hurricane resistant. 
  • If a chain-link fence is over 12 feet in height it has to be designed for high-velocity hurricanes. 
  • If they are less than 12 feet they have less rigid requirements. 
  • Minimum requirements include posts and concrete dimensions of varying sizes depending on the height of the fence.

Fences must be hurricane-proof in that:

  • They are designed to withstand 75 mph wind. 
  • No residential area can have fencing taller than 6’ in most cases.
  • If you are in a PUD zone area you may not be allowed fencing in those areas. 

Fencing Design

One of the most versatile and indestructible materials on the market is concrete. If you haven’t considered concrete fencing because you imagine rough slabs of dull concrete, you should know that concrete fencing has changed a great deal over the years. Concrete fences can be constructed from concrete blocks or made prefabricated from molds. They can resemble nearly any other fencing material, including wood, but without the wear and tear of wood or the vulnerability to mold, mildew, termites, and dry rot. Additionally, they do a much better job of withstanding hurricane-force winds.
The type of fencing material that you use, however, may depend on your personal preference. You may prefer wood panels, metallic gates, concrete fencing, or non-wooden panels. White vinyl fencing is currently one of the most popular, with many versatile styles and ease of installation. The most common form of metallic fencing is chain link fences, of course. Concrete fences, on the other hand, can last virtually forever. While some other materials are cheaper, a concrete fence can protect your property and your investment for years to come.
Some of the most commonly used types of wooden fencing material are made of cedar, redwood, bamboo, and teak. This is because they have long-lasting properties which allow them to withstand many types of harsh weather. Another thing you can do to increase its durability is to pressure treat the wood. This way, you don’t have to replace them every few years because they are treated against pests and wood rot. 

Learn More About Fencing

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