At ADMER Construction Group, we are pleased to offer a full range of high-end interior design services. From space planning to the development of the design concept, including construction drawings and specifications, we take charge of your project from beginning to end. You can leave all purchasing, installation of materials, and construction and remodeling management to our team of knowledgeable and caring interior designers.

We feel comfortable dealing with every aspect of interior design and will design a functional space that will make you proud to share with family and friends alike. We will get to know you and become fully familiar with your personality, likes, and needs. Our designs can be as modern, elegant, and sophisticated as you envision, making use of the most appropriate curated materials that result in a project that comes to a successful completion every time.

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Get to Know Our Services

Our first priority is always you, and our commitment to provide you with exceptional service every day will be evident from the moment you meet with our interior designers. We aim to create an ambiance in every room that will bring happiness whenever you walk in the door.

Here are some of the interior design services we offer:

3-D Renderings

The best way to visualize what your home will look like once it is finished is through a 3-D rendering. We understand how important it is for you to make sure that all of your requests have been included and how they will look once in place. Thanks to a 3-D rendering, you will feel like you can walk through the space before the construction begins. As the camera moves along the walls, you will feel immersed in a space that will soon become a reality.


No doubt about it: your property should showcase your unique style from the largest room to the smallest detail.  That is why at ADMER Construction Group, we are convinced that the secret to a successful design project is taking care of all the touches of distinctiveness and elegance that make it unique.

Our interior design specialists will listen to you and understand your décor requirements. We will suggest the right materials, design patterns, and finishes to accomplish what you want. With us, you always come first, and we will make sure the finished design fully reflects your personality.

Staircase Design

A magnificent custom-built home requires a spectacular staircase. Nowadays, staircase design has become a subject all its own, and a perfectly-designed staircase can revolutionize the way a home looks and functions. Give your home the gift of a unique luxury staircase that may include both the sturdiest, most elegant materials and LED lights. Our team will design the space to hold the staircase and the staircase to showcase the space.

Lighting Design

The most extraordinary room will look drab and dark without the proper illumination. Our lighting design services become essential when you want to light a special piece of art, a hallway, a headboard, and any room in your house where you want people to feel welcome and secure. Lighting is the most important and ultimate touch to your interior design project. It will allow your décor and every color you have chosen to shine and come to life. Our interior designers are experts at calculating what type and how much lighting is needed in every space to make sure it blends perfectly with the entire area.

Selection of Furniture and Finishes in Pembroke Pines

You never need to feel overwhelmed by the variety of choices available to you when it comes to selecting the most comfortable sofa, the best table for your dining room, or any other piece of furniture or décor for your home when the team of interior designers at ADMER construction Group is with you.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, our interior designers help you live this process as a fun and rewarding experience. Based on pre-assigned criteria and with layouts and space plans in hand, we will incorporate all of your design considerations and preferences. We will work individually with you to select every item and end up with a fully finished cohesive interior design project.

At ADMER Construction Group, our approach to interior design ensures that every item will fit your taste and personality while perfectly matching the floor plans and color selection. We firmly believe that attention to detail is critical and take all steps to make sure nothing is left to chance. If you are ready to start the most amazing interior design journey, give us a call today. Admer Construction operates all over South Florida. Call today to begin mapping out your new design.