Whether you are a real estate developer improving a plot of land or an individual property owner who wants to build a custom home on spec or for personal use, you want to be certain that the contractor you choose knows how to build top-quality single-family homes (SFH) on time and within budget.

Admer Construction Company is a full-service residential construction and remodeling contractor that has significantly contributed to building out the South Florida landscape. Our team of specialists has an unblemished reputation for quality and craftsmanship. Contact us today to discuss your design vision for your new construction home. 

Single Family House

What You Should Know About SFH Construction

The following factors are things that every prospective home builder should know before beginning work on their new home projects. 

Zoning Restrictions

It’s essential that you know the property that you want to place a new home on is zoned for SFH structures. 

Permitting and Inspection

Permitting and inspections for SFHs can be time-consuming and are often out of the hands of the contractors. Check with your contractor to determine the time allotment for these requirements.

Budgeting for Materials

The cost of building materials is often driven by the market and local economic forces. You should discuss the risk of budget overruns with your contractor. 

Codes and Regulations 

It’s important to know the legal options that are available to you when you’re building a new home. For example, in Florida, hurricane regulations dictate the types of doors and windows that a home can have.


Financing new construction in South Florida is different than purchasing an existing property. Because the bank can’t inspect new construction homes, they may require additional assurances to finance projects.

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Why Choose Admer Construction for Your Project?

For years, the Admer Construction Group has been erecting buildings throughout Pembroke Pines the South Florida community. We have an unparalleled reputation for completing projects on time and under budget. Because we are strictly a South Florida firm, we are familiar with municipal and county codes that can affect your new home construction project. In addition, our relationships with local suppliers and subcontractors ensure that your project will go smoothly. 

Frequently Asked Questions About New Home Builds

The following questions are frequently asked by individuals and investors who are planning on building one house or many. Contact us to ask specific questions about your projects. 

How long should it take to build an SFH?

Generally, a new home takes six to nine months from its inception to build. Factors that can affect the timetable include the following:

  • Material shortages due to construction booms and supply chain interruptions 
  • Local government inspecting and approving various stages of the process
  • Seasonal inclement weather or hurricanes
  • Revisions requested by the buyer
  • Demolition of the existing property on the job site

Construction projects are complicated, multi-tiered processes, which means that different factors can speed up or delay a project. 

What are the advantages of building a home from scratch?

For one, you can custom-build your home to your exact specifications with respect to the regulations and ordinances that affect your build. If you own vacant land, building a home or group of homes on it could substantially increase the value. 

What are the disadvantages of building a new home?

Custom building a home takes time. If you need a place to live immediately or you don’t have the patience for the development process, you should consider buying an existing property. 

What type of regulations affects new home builds in South Florida?

Florida has a history of homes being buffeted by hurricanes. Consequently, the regulations affecting new house construction are rigorous. Windows and doors must be hurricane rated. Roofs also have to withstand high winds. You can ask your Admer representative to discuss how Florida’s hurricane regulations can affect your new home build. 

How Partnering With an Experienced Home Builder Can Benefit You

When you’re building a new home, having the right people on the job is crucial to the successful outcome of your project. Our subcontractor teams are comprised of top-tier craftsmen, specialists, and laborers who we’ve worked with on dozens of jobs. This is how we’re able to guarantee customer satisfaction with our completed work. 

The Admer team also recognizes the fact that you don’t want to be kept in the dark about your project. We will keep an open line of communication with you and fully advise you of any factors that might affect your project. That’s what it means to work with professionals. 

New Home Builders of South Florida

Florida has many residential construction companies, but few have the experience and reputation for quality that Admer does. Call us today for a free consultation and estimate. We know you’ll be pleased with the results.