Constructing a custom home is an expensive endeavor. As a way of cutting costs or taking full charge of the interior design, many people choose to have custom home shells made. It is essentially construction up until drywall. If you’d rather take matters into your own hands after a certain point while making a single-family home, then shell construction is perfect for you! 

If you’re looking to have a home shell made in South Florida, contact Admer Construction Group, LLC. We are a general contractor in South Florida that provides a complete range of construction services, including single-family house shell construction.

Single Family House

What Is Included in a Single-Family Home Shell Construction Project?

Before you hire a general contractor for single-family home construction projects, it’s best to familiarize yourself with what to expect from the service. Since single-family core and shell construction is not a finished house, there are only a few inclusions.

It is a free-standing structure that is essentially the bones of a home. Once the shell is finished, you can design your dream home any way you want and put your DIY skills to use. 

Here are some areas of the elements that a shell house would include.


Earthwork includes making a hole for the home’s foundation and grading around the house to facilitate proper drainage. If a walk-out basement is a part of the design, it would also help make way for that. 

Footers and Foundation

The shell includes pouring the foundation and the footers, building the rough-in plumbing, and installing the drains. 


The home’s framing, such as support structures like roof trusses, floor joists, floor assemblies, exterior and interior walls, sub-flooring, and stairways are also part of the shell. It could also include electrical rough-ins and part of the plumbing, but confirm with your contractor about this inclusion before beginning the work. 


The framing of the home’s roof, the shingles or metal, and the underlayment is also included in the shell home. Other inclusions are doors and windows, including the entryways of the garage and the exterior finish. 

What Is Not Included in a Shell?

A home shell usually does not include the electrical work, the plumbing work, or the interior finish. Once the shell is finished, the contractor will hand you the reins for further construction. You would have to take care of anything that remains.

From this point on, you would have to procure the raw materials yourself and finish your house’s construction. Here are the exclusions you would be responsible for. 

Electrical and Plumbing Work

Some people further hire builders or contractors for this work, so the hard part would be done by professionals. You can take over the DIY jobs of installing simple items like electrical outlets, light fixtures, switches, sinks, vanities, toilets, and ceiling fans. 

There could be some more additions, depending on the custom house you have in mind, but these cover the basic fixtures that you would have to install after the shell work is done. 

Interior Finish Work 

Some shell work includes drywall, but not always. This phase includes finishing the drywall and the carpentry work. The latter could include the installation of baseboards, window and door casings, and crown moldings.


While the shell work includes the floor assemblies and the subflooring, you would have to get the finishing work done by yourself. This includes carpeting, hardwood installation, laminate, and tile work. 

Apart from these, you would also have to take up the kitchen and bathroom work. Although certain clients like to get this work done by the general contractor, this depends upon the agreement you have finalized with the home shell contractor. You would also have to take care of the HVAC work. 

If you’re looking to have single-family home construction done for your dream house, contact Admer Construction Group, LLC. Get in touch with us to get a quote for a single-family home custom remodel or construction project in South Florida. 

Single Family House

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Admer Construction Group, LLC is a trusted general contractor in South Florida that offers residents complete home construction services. We have been in business for a long time. From custom homes, home remodeling, and shell construction to driveways construction, fence construction, and interior design, you can call us for any of these services. 

With us on the board, you can be assured that you have the best people creating your dream house. We have completed numerous single-family and custom home shells, and we are a trusted company for many Florida residents. If you’re looking to get the home shell made before taking over to create your home, call us now to request a project quote.

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