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Bathroom Remodeling Miami, FL

Transforming your home into something straight from a lifestyle magazine can be a satisfying experience. If you live in Miami, FL, you know the importance of having modern fittings in your chic apartment. If you're here, chances are you're looking to have your bathroom remodeled too. 


However, before you hire bathroom remodeling services, it's best to know some tidbits of information about bathroom remodeling, including how much remodeling services cost and what services are included. Read on to know the average cost of remodeling a bathroom in Miami, FL, and some neighborhoods like Coral Gables. If you want to have your bathroom remodeled, contact ADMER Construction Group and get a fair quote. 


What does remodeling include?

Bathroom remodeling consists of transforming the design layout of the bathroom, the relocation of certain fixtures, and installing some new ones. The new fixtures could include several things, ranging from faucets and showerheads to luxury fittings such as a sauna. You can also ask the Miami licensed contractor to expand the bathroom to include more space during the remodeling. 


Do not confuse remodeling with bathroom renovation. While the two terms are often used interchangeably, some key differences between the two services are worth noting. 


In a bathroom renovation, the existing space is renewed with a new bathtub, floor tiles, sinks, or showers. Remodeling is a much broader concept, which could also mean a complete transformation of your bathroom as you know it. 

How much does it cost to remodel a bathroom in Florida?


Bath Remodeling in Miami, FL, and the rest of South Florida can be a moderate to expensive endeavor, depending upon the extent of the remodeling process. While it's difficult to pinpoint a precise figure for a bathroom remodel, we've pulled some estimates based on past trends and statistics. 


On average, you can expect bathroom remodels to cost about $10,000. If it's a particular installation and replacement service you're looking for, the cost would be affected accordingly. For instance, a minor remodeling could cost you around $1000-$3000. Meanwhile, if you're looking to remodel your bathroom completely, then be prepared to spend approximately $15,000 or more. This figure could easily soar to $20,000-$30,000 if the size of the bathroom is bigger than the average. 


The products that you choose to install in your bathroom can also impact the total cost. For instance, if you want high-end products, you'd inevitably have to pay more for them. You can get an estimate from the residential bathroom remodeling and plumbing contractor before signing an agreement. If you're planning on assigning a budget for your bathroom's remodeling work, we'd suggest you set aside a budget of at least $4,000- $7,000 for a small or medium-sized bathroom. 


For large bathrooms, we'd suggest you keep aside about $16,000 to $20,000. ADMER Construction Group is a general contractor that has done countless modeling projects in and around Miami, FL, including works on the Miami kitchen and bathroom. Contact us today for fair bath remodeling services in the whole of Coral Gables.

Why choose our services?


ADMER Construction Group is a general contractor based in South Florida. We specialize in several residential services, including home remodeling, new bathroom and kitchen remodeling, home additions, custom houses and commercial build-outs, multi-family home construction, and more. 


People choose our services because of our exceptional work quality and because we provide many financing options to cater to the needs of homeowners with all sorts of budgets, however big or small. In addition to this, we also provide free home consultations. 


Once you schedule a home visit, we will come to your house and discuss your goals and expectations, your budget, financing options, the length of the project, and design ideas. This would give us a fair idea of how you envision your ideal bathroom and how our company can help you realize that vision. 


We then give you an estimate of how much the entire remodeling project will cost so you can make a final decision. All of this is free of charge, so don't hesitate to give us a call now and schedule a free consultation. ADMER Construction Group has also been licensed by the state of Florida. 


Frequently Asked Questions 


Can I remodel my bathroom for $10,000?


Yes, it is indeed possible to have your bathroom remodeled for $10,000 in the Coral Gables and Miami area, depending on the scope of the project. One way to ensure that the remodeling costs remain low is to keep the basic structure intact. Do not move the plumbing around and mess with the foundations. 


For instance, you can remodel around your bathroom's tub, sink, and toilet, but ensure that these fittings are not relocated or uprooted. You can then keep your expenses relatively minimal.

What adds value to a bathroom?


You can add to your home value by making some additions to your bathroom remodel. For instance, if you have the funds, you can spend it on expanding the size of your bathroom. You could also install certain things to make the bathroom appear more upscale. This could increase the value of your bathroom, and by extension, your home. 


Other things that could contribute to this objective are replacing your tub with a trendy glass shower and putting bright lights in place. Installing wall sconces in the bathroom could also enhance its appearance. 

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