South Florida has grown a lot in the last few years, which has led to an increase in economic expansion. Naturally, businesses in the area have enjoyed this financial boom.

Real estate growth necessitates the renovation or construction of commercial buildings, and this results in an increase in commercial renovation and construction businesses in South Florida. There are many commercial remodeling companies to choose from, but not all are the same. Your company is too significant to choose a renovation partner without a good track record.

At Admer Construction Group, LLC we take pride in our warehouse and office construction and remodeling services. Contact us if you’re looking for trustworthy general contractors. We’ve proudly provided construction services to our customers for years, and we’re prepared to put those skills to good use for you.

Warehouse Construction

Principal Responsibilities of South Florida General Contractors

The person in charge of planning and managing commercial projects’ daily operations is known as the general contractor. General contractors are hired to oversee projects and supply the necessary supplies, labor, and tools.

Typically, the owner or the construction manager who works as the owner’s direct representative hires a general contractor. The management of more specialized parts of the project, like plumbing, cement, electrical wiring, and other renovation services, is handled by specialty tradespeople or subcontractors hired by general contractors.

A South Florida general contractor for large projects is typically a construction company or a developer who oversees projects for numerous clients. A single person may serve as the general contractor on a smaller project.

Commercial and Industrial Office Renovation and Remodeling

A commercial remodeling project involves more than just switching out the window treatments in an office building. A commercial remodeling project sets out to permanently change the current framework’s interior, exterior, or both.

Here are a few instances of commercial remodeling projects:

  • Combining different rooms into one by tearing down a wall or other barrier or partition
  • Adding to a building’s interior or exterior, such as including a garden inside or dividing up an ample, existing space into several smaller ones.
  • Changing a commercial space’s layout or structure completely

Naturally, a property owner may decide to make a commercial renovation. Apartment buildings, for example, that have been renovated to their former glory can provide immediate value to the current tenants and improve the owner’s chances of a more lucrative sale in the future. Some examples of successful commercial and industrial renovation projects include:

  • Installing new lighting fixtures while updating or replacing any dated, ineffective, or risky electrical system 
  • Replacing or repairing external bricks or siding that has become worn
  • Removing post-construction linoleum to repair the underlying wooden flooring or replacing linoleum tiles with more resilient porcelain tiles

Before Construction Starts

Building plans, also called schematics, typically include a floor plan and perhaps artist-rendered views of the building’s exterior. These usually take weeks to create.

A common practice is to hire a contractor once the design of the property and the schematics have been finalized. As such, there is usually a good idea of what the final product will look like when it is finished, the dimensions of each room, and what materials are likely to be used in the build. 

A prospective contractor is frequently asked to give an estimate based on the schematics during the interview session. Additionally, you should check the references of potential contractors. At Admer Construction Group, LLC, we offer free estimates for warehouse and office construction or remodeling projects. Contact us today so we can talk about your South Florida project!

Once the Project Is Finished

Before concluding the project with the contractor, a few things need to be done. Be sure to inform the contractor immediately if you discover anything that was forgotten. Review your notes. Make sure you and your contractor are on the same page and that all the issues noted have been fixed or resolved. After, the contractor should give you a binder with all applicable warranties from manufacturers and subcontractors to maintain on file.

An owner needs to know a lot of information to get the desired result. Finding a contractor with extensive experience in commercial renovations and the ability to foresee potential issues is key.

At Admer Construction Group, LLC, our renovation and construction specialists take the utmost care in every project. They can inform you of any problems before fixing them, and once the project is finished, our contractor will walk you through the building so that you can inspect it and see if everything is to your satisfaction.

Redecorating Services

It’s not always necessary to completely renovate or undertake a large project to update the appearance of your office or warehouse. Instead, you may only need to add some brightness or new furniture or artwork. If your building is spacious, meets all of your needs, has nothing broken, or just requires a simple upgrade, you might want to plan a redecorating project.

A redecorating project can range from installing new flooring to introducing a new color palette on the walls or replacing old art and rugs with more contemporary choices. It all depends on your desire for change and your financial situation. At Admer Construction Group, LLC, we also offer commercial painting or repainting services to our clients.

Warehouse Construction In Process

Renovation Services We Provide

Our construction services are tailored to satisfy your needs, whether you own an existing building or intend to lease your space. If you wish to construct or remodel your warehouse or office in South Florida, Admer Construction Group, LLC is the best choice for you! 

Our team can handle all material purchases, installations, and project management. You will have a space that you are excited to show off to your clients, family, and friends after choosing to work with us.

We can show you a sizable and varied portfolio of our work. Contact us right away, and let’s discuss your project!

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